Infiltrator Chamber Systems




These are actual photos of an Infiltrator system being installed by B. Dolan Septic.
Whether you’re building, expanding, or replacing your septic leachfield, the Infiltrator┬« Chamber System is the best method for handling household wastewater disposal.

A typical Infiltrator chamber septic leachfield for residential wastewater.

The Infiltrator Chamber System is designed to replace old-fashioned stone and pipe leachfields. Each PolyTuff(TM) plastic chamber provides more than twice the leaching capacity of traditional methods, so you get a safer, more reliable, and more efficient system.

Infiltrator chambers are designed for quick and easy installation. Only the leachfield area of your yard is affected. The rest remains undisturbed. This differs from stone and pipe installations which require heavy equipment for hauling and dumping the stone. A significant amount of cleanup is needed in stone and pipe situations and the potential for yard damage is greatly increased.